Welcome! This is Social Media 101, right?

So as an aspiring author it has come to my attention that I need to be OUT there on the web.  That’s here, right?  I guess so.  Now, it’s not that I don’t know one end of a computer from another, it’s just that when I was growing up computers were something that took up an entire room.  I’m not a technological native.  That would be my kids.

I remember when I was first learning how to use Power Point, I would call in my then 8 year old daughter (we won’t talk about the fact that she is married and expecting my first grandchild now) and ask her how to do something.  Then I would scold her and say, “Go to bed.”  Of course I said it lovingly and with a sly smile.  But a few short minutes later I would call out her name again and she would jump up and come show mommy one more thing.  What a wonderful child.  It’s a miracle she ever got any sleep with her mother experimenting with the computer.

I have learned much since those days.  I still need a little course in how something new works and I still panic at some of the very advanced programs that are out there but I have managed to muddle my way through many of the technological devices and get them to work, to a point.

And look here.  I have a blog site of my very own.  Who would have thunk?  Plus I have a FaceBook (something my children never allowed me to have when they were younger).  I did have my younger daughter help me set that up.  But I manage to play on it all by myself now.  And then I did the unthinkable … yes, I got a Twitter account.  Seriously, a woman my age ‘tweeting’.  Have to admit it can be fun at times.

So, I’m not sure if anyone will be reading this but I figured it was yet another experiment in social media.  And I think the results might be better than I originally predicted.  Let’s see, shall we?


About kari lemor

aspiring writer of romances
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4 Responses to Welcome! This is Social Media 101, right?

  1. kari says:

    Look, I even managed to get my avatar to work, all by myself. I’m so proud!!

  2. Kristan says:

    Yay! And she’s taking social media by storm now!!! 🙂

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