A WITCH BY CHANCE a round robin story – part 4

Written Fireside is Lori Connelly’s brilliant idea, a variety of authors gather around the virtual fire for a month and pass a story along across their blogs. Lori started it, and I continue it today, and this month the story has a ghoulish Halloween feel, find out what happens next…

A Witch by Chance

A new part every
Tuesday & Saturday

Part 1 by Lori Connelly Tuesday October 1st

Part 2 by Aileen Harkwood on Saturday October 5

Part 3 by Zara Stoneley on Tuesday October 8

part 4

“My grandmother had a scar just like that,” Ivy said, eyes narrowing at the man holding her hands.  “How can that be?  Who are you?”

He’d been evasive before so his answer surprised her.

“You can call me Chance.  I call you my destiny.  I’m here to help you with the initiation.  Only then will we both be complete.”

Was this guy crazy?  Destiny, initiation?  What had he been smoking? Then a small memory niggled in the back of her mind.  Her grandmother telling her she was destined for great things.

“I don’t remember choosing any destiny,” Ivy snapped, the reporter in her wanting information.

“Of course you did.”  He looked to where Karma sat on the top of the back fence, bathed in moonlight.  “When you accepted Karma as your companion.  He let us know you were now ready.”

“Ready for what?”  Ivy looked around expecting something to happen.  She saw nothing but the mist lifting, stars twinkling into the night sky. She turned back to the hazel eyes.  “This initiation you spoke of?”

Chance took a step closer, his hand moving from her wrist to slip into her still damp hair.  Ivy couldn’t move.  It was as if she was under a spell.  She merely watched as Chance’s mouth curved into a delicious smile and his eyes sparkled.  He inched closer.  Would he kiss her?  They’d just met.  For some reason it didn’t seem wrong.

But instead, he stared at the large book still tucked under her arm.  “It’s interesting the book you chose.  Or maybe it chose you.”

Ivy adjusted the volume, noting the title, ‘Incantations and Spells.’ Magic?  What could she possibly have to do with any of this?

“You have it within you, Ivy,” Chance whispered cryptically, his lips brushing against her cheek.  “Your mother never embraced it or wanted it, but I can sense you’re more like your grandmother.  She was very powerful.  Feel it, Ivy, embrace it.  You won’t regret it.  I’ll make sure you don’t.”

His eyes drew her in and Ivy couldn’t have spoken if she’d wanted to.  She was drowning in those eyes, lost among a sea of emotion and power.  They beckoned and she nodded, though she wasn’t sure what she was agreeing to.  She only knew that it was right.  Her destiny.

“I can help you reach it quicker, help you connect to the power that’s waiting for you.  Would you like that?”

Her eyes closed briefly in acknowledgment.  Chance smirked, lowering his head again.  When his lips touched hers, heat suffused through her body and a kaleidoscope of colors danced before her.  Images, memories, some hers, some not, swirled around her mind.  She could feel herself falling deeper and deeper into the maelstrom.

But for some reason, she trusted Chance.  He wouldn’t let her go.

to be continued

Part 5 by Sarah Lefebve on Tuesday October 15 on her blog

While you’re waiting check out her new book The Park Bench Test

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Author of contemporary and romantic suspense. Love on the Line series now available from Kensington Publishing.
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6 Responses to A WITCH BY CHANCE a round robin story – part 4

  1. kari lemor says:

    Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Erin says:

    You did a great job with your section. I love coming-into-powers and magicky stories. Gonna write a paranormal romance?

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