So as I look back over 2013, I feel like I could have done so much more.  I didn’t get a book published or make a million dollars.  I didn’t lose any weight or get rid of my wrinkles.  But on further reflection I did accomplish quite a bit, especially in writing. 

Here they are, in no particular order:

*I set up Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and  Pinterest accounts in my pen name.  (Kari Lemor, if you didn’t know)  I now have over 100 friends (writers only) on FB and over 200 followers on Twitter. 

*I started a blog (you already knew this as you’re reading my blog right now).

*I wrote and finished two whole manuscripts (75K each).  Knight Undercover (also titled The Reluctant Damsel) and Protecting His Son.

*I submitted one (The Reluctant Damsel) to two different publishers.  Got rejections but that was actually a good thing.  I realized I was subbing to the wrong sub-genre (romantic suspense).  Now I know WHAT I actually write and can send it out more accurately (contemporary with suspense elements). 

*I wrote and subbed a short story for the NH Pulp Fiction Anthology; Love Free or Die (Canobie Kisses).

*I had my Canobie Kisses story accepted for publication in said anthology to be released in print Feb. 2014. 

*I joined RWA national as well as my local chapter, New England Chapter RWA (NECRWA).

*I attended my FIRST writing conference in April and met wonderful people as well as learned so much about writing.

*I judged three writing contests, which was a major learning experience for me and helped me look more critically at my own work.

*I took several online workshops and classes that helped me grow as a writer. 

*I entered The Golden Rose contest and actually got first place (total surprise as I only entered to get feedback on the manuscript that had been rejected twice). 

*I entered So You Think You Can Write hosted by Harlequin.  Didn’t get anywhere with it but had my first chapter online for a while.  That’s kind of cool.

*I wrote and submitted another story for the newest NH Pulp Fiction anthology; Live Free or Ride (Express Delivery).  Still waiting to hear back. 

*And most importantly, I made so many friends and connections to other writers who have given me so much care and support for my writing.  Priceless.

Now, what do I want to do for next year?  Oh, wait, it’s already 2014, I guess that’s this year, huh?  More writing absolutely!!  Maybe if I write my goals down and people see them, I’ll be more inclined to try and accomplish them.    Here goes:

*Finish revising and editing Damsel/Knight by end of February.  Clean and polish further then sub to several publishers.

*Revise and edit Protecting His Son by end of May. 

*Attend NECRWA May Conference and become even more fabulous at writing.  Meet more people and make more contacts here. 

*Start a new manuscript and finish rough draft by end of summer. 

*Write a novella and sub to online pubs. 

*Post more blogs and increase the traffic on my blog site. 

I’d love to say ‘get a full length ms published’ but since that’s not really in my control, I can’t use it as a goal.  It’s definitely one of my nightly prayers and high on my wish list though. 

Now it’s out there and I can’t take it back (although I suppose I could always delete this post and pretend I never wrote it).  So I guess I have to push forward.  Strive to succeed.   Any help you can give me would be appreciated ( like nagging at me to get stuff done).  What are your hopes and dreams?   What does 2014 hold in store for you?  I’d love to know.


About kari lemor

Author of contemporary and romantic suspense. Love on the Line series now available from Kensington Publishing.
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  1. Laurie Evans says:

    You know, I never feel like I do enough, either…but if I listed it all out, I bet it would be more than I thought. You did a lot! Great plans for 2014, too.

  2. kari lemor says:

    I know you do a lot with your writing. I didn’t think I did much at all until I started listing it. Made me feel a little better about my writing. I’m hoping to get much more accomplished in 2014.

  3. Jean says:

    Love this Kari, and you’ve achieved so much. You should be so proud. Personally I think getting published can be a goal. It may be out of your control, but you can spend 2014 working towards making it happen. I’m sure by the time you write your last blog of 2014, you’ll be looking back and saying how great getting that call or e mail was, and how much you enjoyed watching your very first book fly off the shelves.

    • kari lemor says:

      Thanks so much, sweetie. I love your confidence. I know I’m getting closer but I honestly haven’t done that much in the way of subbing, so therefore can’t really get published in full length. But I don’t just want to take my stories and throw them out anywhere to see what sticks. I want them to be the absolute BEST they can be. I know they aren’t right now. And I want them to go to the best publishers, not just the first one to take a look. That’s why I’m not rushing anything. I could just whip out story after story and sub to places that will accept them but that isn’t my goal. I want my work to be thought of as REALLY good. And with the help of so many great friends out there, like you, I know they will be.

      • Jean says:

        Love your dedication Kari, but I’ll let you into a little secret…*looks right and left to see if we’re alone*. You are pretty darn GOOD. You go girl.

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  5. kari lemor says:

    Hee hee! Thanks Jean. I’m making you President of my fan club!

  6. sharon245 says:

    Have you looked into the New England chapter of Sisters in Crime? I’ve been a member since 2001 and am the chapter VP
    Or attending the New England Crime Bake Last year’s GoH was the amazing Meg Gardiner.

    • kari lemor says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it, though I really don’t write crime novels or mystery. I just like adding a little danger to my stories to spice things up.

  7. Stef says:

    You have achieved so much in one year! Isn’t it great to see it all laid out like that? 🙂 Good luck for 2014, I know you can make this next year even more successful ♥

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