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So it’s Valentine’s Day.  That means we must discuss love and romance, right?  Of course.  I originally had this plan for my blog to make a list of the things that I found very romantic.  But when I woke up this morning, my plans changed.  Why did they change?  My husband.  He’s not some debonair Romeo who swept me off my feet or some Valentino with smooth moves.  He’s just a regular guy.  But sometimes he does something so amazing it just blows my mind.  And it happened again today.

Let’s go back in time and I’ll fill you in on our history.  Nothing glamorous.  We met in college in a History class.  He sat in front of me and would always turn around to hand me the attendance sheet.  He’d smile and I’d smile.  I really never saw much except the back of him.  But he had great hair and *ahem* a really cute butt.

I had a weekend job and so during the week I always went to the library every night, to the third floor (the quiet floor) and settled into the cubicles.  Some nights he would show up and sit near me.  It wasn’t until years later he confessed he wasn’t there to do work.  Unless you call trying to get my attention, work.  And often, on Monday nights, I would invite him back to my room to watch Remington Steele.  No, not in reruns, these were the original episodes.  Yes, that makes me very old.   Remember this little tidbit as it will come up again.

Flash forward a few years to Christmas, 1986  (yea, yeah, I told you I was old) and my then boyfriend and I were traveling from his house to mine.  Before we got there, he asked me to pull over to this little field where we used to go walking sometimes.  Of course it’s now December and we live in New England.  And the field is covered in snow.  And I am wearing a skirt and nice shoes.  So we only got out for a few moments and then back in the car where he very nervously fiddled with a small box.  Yes, it was my engagement ring.  There were no fancy words but he got huge points for trying to be romantic and bring us to a place that had been special.  He was only 23 so I give him huge points.  Most guys that age have no idea what romance is.


So flash forward a few more years (okay maybe more than a few) to another Christmas and he and I and our three children are sitting around the Christmas tree.  They are unwrapping gifts and he has gotten each of them some dvd from the $5 bin at WalMart.  I open mine, wondering what he has picked out for me.  I stop and stare and the kids just nod and go on opening.  But my heart stops too.  He’s gotten me a whole season of Remington Steele.  He remembered.  Seriously remembered.

Flash forward a few more years to our 25th Anniversary.  We had a huge party (orchestrated by my oldest with the help of her younger siblings, and apparently my husband) but the thing I loved most was the card he got me.  Here it is:


Yup, cute little picture but the sentiment is what has made me keep it still.  The inside reads:  Turns out the millionth kiss is even better than the first.  Happy Anniversary.

But then my husband continues to write:  Especially knowing there are a million more to come.                 *swoon*

Okay, so I’ve established he has his romantic moments.  No, our marriage wasn’t filled with little things like this every day but they pop up every now and then.  So let’s fast forward to today.  No, actually I need to give you a tiny bit of backstory first.    I started reading romance novels when I was twelve and loved anything to do with romance.  I had a friend in High School who always teased me about it but one day gave me a cute little poster with a cartoon character riding in a hot air balloon throwing hearts out to scatter and float in the bright blue sky.  The poster was titled:  The Hopeless Romantic.

Yup, that’s where I got the name for this blog.  It describes me perfectly.  I had mentioned this poster one time to my husband when I first started the blog and said I wished I could find something similar again.

Okay, now we can flash forward to this morning.  It’s yucky with snow and ice and I’m groggy so when Hubby says good bye in the morning I haven’t realized it’s Valentine’s Day.  Once I get up and get going I head to our spare room (now that the kids are all gone we actually have one) and sit down at my computer.  It takes me a while but I realize there is something leaning against the wall.  It’s a painting.  And as I get closer I realize it is a hot air balloon with someone throwing hearts to flutter in the wind.  And one of the hearts has some words on it:  JM to KL, Forever and Always.  That’s also what it says on the inside of our wedding rings.

The painting is by my niece who is an artist and it’s obvious my husband has conspired to have her do this.  I had no idea.  And the thought and consideration, and LOVE that went into doing this astounds me.  And I feel guilty because with all the snow we’ve gotten here lately I haven’t even had a chance to get him a card.  But he has been so amazingly supportive of my writing that I figure a great gift will be my writing something for him.


So here it is.  Thank you, hon, for almost twenty-seven years of marriage, three beautiful children, a life of love, fun, and romance and making me always feel like the sexiest woman on earth (which I know I’m not).  You are the rock that grounds me and gives me strength in times when I feel I can’t go on.  Thank you for loving me as you do and putting up with all my quirks and bad habits.  I love you very much and will continue to love you Forever and Always.

And thanks to all who stuck around for this much too long blog.  Have you any romantic stories to tell?  Let me know.  I’d love to hear them.


About kari lemor

Author of contemporary and romantic suspense. Love on the Line series now available from Kensington Publishing.
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  1. Emily says:

    Aw! I was already a kind of a teary-eyed mess this morning, and now I’m crying again but in the best way possible. That was so sweet of your husband. I hope the both of you have an amazing Valentine’s Day (though it sounds like you already have). ❤

  2. Mom (Beverly ) says:

    Kari you are such a wonderful person, wife, mother and daughter. I know why I love you so much and also why Jim loves you so much after all these years. Never stop telling him how much you love him. We all need to know we are loved every day. It’s what keeps the love growing in all of us. That Jim would ask Erin to paint a painting for you shows how much he loves you You both are so much more in love now than you were when you were married. Never lose that feeling, it will only get stronger as the years go by. Just letting you both know that I love you both. May God be with you now and through the coming years. I always thought that elderly couples walking while they are still holding hands after 50 years of marriage are the most romantic thing I can think of. Keep it up both of you and you will be that couple now and forever.

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