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I was invited by the marvelous Abbi Wilder   to participate in The Writing Process Blog Tour and talk about … you guessed it … my writing process.  How accurately named.   Not too many questions so I said I’d give it a go.  Anything for Abbi.  She’s actually met Joe Flanigan.  *sigh*  If you don’t know who he is, look him up on Google images and drool.  I usually do.  Now to get to my writing.

 1)    What am I working on?

Well, I currently have a full manuscript (87K words) finished and just about polished.  The story is titled KNIGHT UNDERCOVER but was previously titled THE RELUCTANT DAMSEL and you can see a small snippet here on my blog (you know, just in case you hadn’t already checked it out).  I got a Twitter request (#pitmad) for a partial from HQ Superromance.  And just recently had the lovely Holly Ingraham of St. Martin Press ask for 75 or so pages plus other book ideas. 

I also have a second manuscript that is finished but in very rough draft form.  It is called PROTECTING HIS SON ( a snippet is also available for this).  I just won a free critique from the amazing Deb Dixon and plan to send her this.  Hopefully she can tell me what to fix before I do a million revisions myself and do them all wrong.

If you’ve ever looked at my Pinterest board you’ll see that I don’t have a shortage of ideas for stories.  I actually sent proposals for two series (one with 3 books and one with 4) to Holly.  Here’s my Pinterest board if you feel the need to browse.  Please borrow anyone or thing you like.  They’re free!

My next project is in the beginning stages.  It takes place on Cape Cod so I must spend some time there this summer.  Such a hardship. I only have character sheets and an outline but as soon as Knight/Damsel is out the door, this new one is beginning.  I lovingly refer to it as ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’ because the hero is the son of two aging rock stars.  The actual title is TRUE DREAMS and will be the first in the series, STORMS OF NEW ENGLAND.

 2)    How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I write romance so my writing is certainly similar to anything in that genre.  But I often like to add danger to my stories ( mostly for the hurt/comfort and angst it adds) so sometimes it reads like a light suspense.  I also add a bit of sarcasm and humor at times.  If you’ve ever read anything of mine on this blog or elsewhere, I’m sure you didn’t pick that up. (please note sarcasm in that last sentence)

I like steam in my books but I won’t often have the hero and heroine hooking up too soon in the story.  I like the sexual tension to simmer and then smoke and then start building up so that when it does blow, it’s pretty good.  But who knows, that could all change.  I do have a story coming up that involves a one night stand.  But they’re people who knew each other before.  I’m definitely not one for casual hook ups.       

3)    Why do I write what I do?

Because the voices in my head won’t shut up until I do. 

But seriously, I grew up reading romances and always loved Disney movies and the Happily Ever After of fairy tales. I love the idea of getting to know two people as they get to know each other too.  But I also have a sadistic streak in me so I like sticking obstacles in their way and making them miserable, for a short time anyway.  It makes the good times so much better.  Now that I’ve finally started writing, the voices in my head haven’t gone away, but they’ve settled down a bit and aren’t as voracious in their quest.   

4)    How does my writing process work?

This is a really good question.  Hmm, now for a really good answer.  Do you have one?  Oh, that’s right.  This is my question.  Well, my first two books I basically had a premise and the beginnings of two characters.  I sat down and let them tell me their story.  I thought is worked pretty well and even though they got in trouble at times, we seemed to have a good time.  But then when it was time to sell the book, I realized these characters had left lots of holes all over the place. My fault for creating characters that didn’t know about Goal, Motivation and Conflict.  We had plenty of it but it wasn’t all in the right places.  Way too many months of revisions and editing and I finally got it in better shape.

So for my newest book, I have decided to do a bit of plotting first.  I had found some characters sheets (used a few and put them together) and filled these out for both hero and heroine.  Then I started writing down GMC and figuring out some of the scenes.  I shared this on a Google doc with my beautiful CP ( I live in NH and she lives in Alaska) and we brainstormed different ways of approaching some of the details.  Her name is MA Grant, by the way, and she is a fabulous writer.  You really should read her stuff!

I plan to start this book very soon.  Not sure if this new way of writing will make it better but if it will cut down on the amount of revising and editing I have to do, I’m willing to do anything. 

 I am now handing over the reins of this blog tour to some other fine writers.  Check them out next week ( March 26) when they tell you all about their writing process. 


Melinda Lane  

Bio:  She lives in NE Louisiana with her Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Spirit.  She writes historical fiction and hopes to be published soon.  In the meantime, she’s the Business Director for a nonprofit that works with developmentally delayed children and adults.  She loves to ride horses and do dog shows with her Corgi.

 Dana R. Lynn

 Bio: Dana R. Lynn lives in rural Pennsylvania with her husband, children, and enough animals to start her own petting zoo. She has been an avid reader her whole life, and her tastes are not confined to a specific genre, although she appreciates a well-told love story. Her first book, A Second Chance for Mr. Darcy, will be published by Astraea Press in the near future.

 KC Hobgood

 Bio: KC gives all the credit for his love of literature to his mother. She was an avid reader who passed her love on to her sons. His earliest memories are filled with Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Martian series. When he was 9 his Mom gave him a copy of Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. He was hooked.  From there he made friends with Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K. Le Guin, Isaac Asimov, and many more. By the time he was in college he was rereading JRR Tolkien.

Writing began in college for several radio projects. A few years later he was writing for an advertising agency. Eventually his need to write led him back to his first love, science fiction and fantasy.

His current WIP is a Fantasy/Adventure two book series of about 150k words each.

About kari lemor

Author of contemporary and romantic suspense. Love on the Line series now available from Kensington Publishing.
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