About four years ago when I first started getting serious about writing, I was fortunate enough to meet a group of ladies on the Harlequin forums who helped me learn all about writing and gave me lots of encouragement and support. Through the years we remained friends and recently decided to go in together to write an anthology.  I am so thankful for these women and all they have done for me.  They are all brilliant writers and I know that success is there for all of them.


BD 3D box set

Love sweeps in like a hurricane, ravaging all in its path, but the alpha males and feisty heroines of this collection are more than ready to face the storm. From sweet to sexy, these six contemporary stories of love taking hold despite the threat of natural disaster prove beyond any doubt:

Love will survive.



Beautiful Disaster is a collection of six contemporary romances from rising names in the romance genre and talented newcomers.

Here’s a quick taste of the amazing stories and the talented authors who wrote them.

BD MAParched Earth                        by award-winning Escape Publishing author M.A. Grant

A prodigal son returns to his drought-stricken hometown for his nana’s funeral, only to discover the girl he loved and left behind isn’t about to let him slip away again.


BD GinaStranded on Savior Peak    by Carina UK author             Gina Rochelle

A divorce attorney-turned-author and his editor’s assistant find love in a raging hurricane.  But is this promising new bond stronger than the aftermath that threatens to tear them apart?


BD JeanIsland Encounter                 by     Alice J. Miller

– Justice, revenge and fear are ripping a couple apart, but when a volcanic eruption destroys everything in its path, will their love be enough to keep them alive.




BD PPUnstable Ground                by Kensington Lyrical author   Kari Lemor

–  A rejected suitor finds himself trapped by an earthquake with the woman who turned down his proposal.  Will their forced proximity help them realize they belong together or will their rekindled feelings die with them?




BD CarolSnowbound with the Stork by 2015 Maggie for Excellence winner and  2016 GH finalist     Carrie Nichols

– A freak storm traps a surly sheriff with his very pregnant ex. Can he convince her to give him another chance or will his secret destroy them both?


BD FiSwept Away                           by Fiona Marsden

– Swept apart by the force of a tsunami, Sean and Sophie have fought their own battles to survive.  Now they must confront the challenges caused by the decisions they made separately, if they want to be together again.




Here’s a little sneak peek at my story Unstable Ground:

Justin entered the next room which turned out to be a suite of offices and continued to check walls, floors and doorways. Kendall moved close behind him as he walked through the last door. He turned abruptly and cocked his head. Kendall plowed right into him and was about to apologize when his hand grabbed her arm and he hissed out, “Shh, listen.”

She hadn’t heard anything but remained still. Then she heard it. Or rather felt it. She’d lived in California for twenty-two years. She knew what this was. It was an earthquake.

“Shit!”  Justin dropped the blueprints and notepad and pushed her ahead of him back through the office. But before they got more than twenty feet the building shook ferociously. “No time, just get down.”

Justin dragged a long metal table toward the doorway and shoved her under it. As the ground vibrated he threw himself on top of her. She was too terrified to object. This was a big one. Bigger than she’d experienced in her lifetime. Within seconds, the walls and ceiling began to crumble. She pushed herself further into Justin’s strong arms and chest. They felt perfect. Like home. That was the last thought she had before the room faded to black.


The anthology is available at many retail outlets.  Here are a few:

Amazon UK:

About kari lemor

Author of contemporary and romantic suspense. Love on the Line series now available from Kensington Publishing.
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