A Price To Be Paid – Alice J. Miller

Check out this new book by Alice J. Miller.  I personally read it and loved it!

Kyle Lawson needs a wife, and he needs one now. With his ailing business on the line the only women who can rescue him is the step-daughter of the man who put him in this precarious position in the first place. Can he trust her to come through for him, and save his business?

When given the chance to marry the man of her dreams, while atoning for the sins of her family, Molly Wilson doesn’t hesitate. Propelled into a bogus marriage, she vows to make up for the mistakes of the past, even if it means breaking her own heart.

Can Kyle and Molly put aside their differences and united, fight for a better future? When their plan is threatened by a secret from Kyle’s past, will it ruin the deal and destroy any hope of a life together?  Amidst the searing heat of Florida, will Molly and Kyle resist their inner desires? Or, despite their troubled past, can love, forgiveness and redemption find a way to shape their future?



The whiskey swirled around inside him, firing up his blood and egging him on. “I find you cavorting with a man I’ve never met, and I wonder if I should query if you’re both working together on an angle. Remember, you’re Dennis’s stepdaughter, and bound to have picked up a few of his ideas about tricking your way through life.”

Her gasp told him he’d crossed a line, not that he needed telling, but the whiskey brought out his resentment at another man holding her tight, and not him. “And as you brought it up, I suppose your guilt and reliance on me to keep your rent up-to-date and you well looked after, does theoretically make you bought and paid for. You should be grateful I chose not to include meeting my ‘needs’ in our agreement. The way I’m sure you met Andrew’s while you dated him.”

Her blue eyes flashed angry, branding him with a fiercer heat than he’d seen before, and then abruptly cooled. With a small shake of her head, she made for the door.

He crossed the room in three large strides and caught her arm, spinning her ‘round to face him. She didn’t falter but met him head on. Standing so close, her presence ignited his senses the way she always did, infusing his blood with a special madness, annihilating his resistance with the ease of a conquering army. How simple it would be to pull her closer, and crush her lips against his. Kiss her until, breathless, she called his name, and her cool eyes turned into molten pools of longing.

“Molly, despite what you believe, I am sorry I left you alone tonight. You deserve better,” he murmured, her soft breasts pressing against his chest, stirring his body and fueling his need.

“Yes,” she said, her voice soft. “I do.”

Their gazes remained locked and her rebellious eyes warmed. Transfixed, his mind reeled. Was this an invitation to her bed, something he wanted very much? Unable to let down his guard and respond, he remained silent and still, paralyzed to do anything but return her stare. Her bright, eager gaze searched his face, and then dulled.

“The truth is, Andrew came here tonight to ask me not to marry you and return to him.” She yanked her arm free and headed to the door. “Just so you can stop wondering, I didn’t sleep with him, but he made it crystal clear he was eager to have me in his bed.” With a defiant air, she stepped into the hallway and slammed the door behind her.

Every voice in his head told him to chase after her, to take it further, but that would mean admitting he wanted her.

He did, but it would only confirmed how need made him vulnerable, and he’d never let a woman make him that weak again.


Alice J. Miller

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Author of contemporary and romantic suspense. Love on the Line series now available from Kensington Publishing.
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