His Unexpected Twins – Carrie Nichols

Twins on the way change everything!

Firefighter Liam McBride is back in Loon Lake for the summer, and Ellie Harding, his sister’s childhood friend—and cancer survivor—is perfectly willing to shelve her dreams of a forever family while they have a fling. But then they find out she’s pregnant—with twins! Are they on the path toward happiness? Or a collision course toward heartbreak?


unexpected twins cover.jpg



The sunshine streaming in through his uncovered windows made the highlights in her shiny hair glow, and he itched to run his fingers through all those dark and reddish strands. He tried to think of a word to describe it and couldn’t. Brown was too plain a term to describe all that lustrous silk.

“What color is your hair?” Oh man, had he actually asked that out loud? What was wrong with him?

“What?” She gave him a quizzical look.

He shrugged and hoped his face wasn’t as flushed as it felt. “Meg has a thing about people calling her hair red and I, uh, just wondered if you had a name for your color like she does.”

She ran a hand over her hair. “It’s chestnut. Why?”

He nodded, but didn’t answer her question. He’d embarrassed himself enough for one day. “Are you planning on telling me why you’re here?”

She rubbed her hands on her thighs and drew in a deep breath. “I know we decided this summer was no strings attached, but—”

“About that, Ellie, I—”

“I’m pregnant.”



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Author of contemporary and romantic suspense. Love on the Line series now available from Kensington Publishing. Storms of New England series available now from The Wild Rose Press.
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