Kari Lemor grew up as a voracious reader and was one of those kids who read with a flashlight under the covers.  She always loved the stories that had a touch of romance to them.  Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, even Trixie Belden had a special someone, in her mind anyway.  If there wasn’t any romance, she would add some, even to all the TV shows she watched.

As she grew older she was known to pilfer her mother’s romance novels from the ‘done‘ pile.  She would quickly devour them and then be sad they were finished.  So she would go to bed and continue the stories or write her own, in her head.  All of these stories were always romance.  It wasn’t until a few years ago, and the urging of some friends, that she decided to try putting those stories on paper.  Surprisingly, to her anyway, they weren’t half bad.

For a few years she only wrote for herself and some ‘fans’ who followed her online journal. Only recently did she decide to write something for publication.  She has several works in progress as well as a short story.  Her short story, Canobie Kisses, was published in the Love Free or Die, a NH Pulp Fiction anthology in February 2014.

A novella, Unstable Ground, was published in the Beautiful Disaster anthology in March 2016.

Her newest series, Love on the Line, a romantic suspense has the first book, Wild Card Undercover out March 7, 2017.  Book #2, Running Target, will be released July 4, 2017 and the third book, Fatal Evidence, is out December 5, 2017.

She continues to read and write anything romance.

You can contact her at:  karilemorauthor@gmail.com.    She is also on FaceBook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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