Her Cowboy Hero – Eileen James

Vesta book

Sweet, Christian romance!


Sheriff Steed Morgan’s life has always been stable – until his wife’s fatal overdose leaves him with a motherless child, and his heart in turmoil. He doesn’t want to love again, despite his daughter Emma’s wish for a mommy. Jasmine Jones has dreamed of a stable, loving home all her young life. But with an alcoholic mother and an ex with a gambling addiction, she’s built a wall around her heart – afraid to let love in. Will a string of robberies and the wisdom of seven year old Emma finally open Jasmine and Steed’s eyes to each other and their hearts to love?



Eileen’s FB

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Cover Reveal – Prince of Air and Darkness

Prince of Air and Darkness by M. A. Grant

I have been waiting for this for so long and now it is getting closer to being here.  And the cover is gorgeous!!

Prince of Air and Darkness, February 2019


Phineas Smith has been cursed with a power no one could control.

Roark Lyne is his worst enemy and his only hope.

The only human student at Mather’s School of Magick, Phineas Smith has a target on his back. Born with the rare ability to tap into unlimited magick, he finds both Faerie Courts want his allegiance—and will do anything to get it.

They don’t realize he can’t levitate a feather, much less defend the Faerie Realm as it slips into civil war.

Unseelie Prince Roark Lyne, Phineas’s roommate—and self-proclaimed arch nemesis—is beautiful and brave and a pain in the ass. Phineas can’t begin to sort through their six years of sexual tension masquerading as mutual dislike. But Roark is also the only one able to help Phineas tame his magick.

Trusting Roark’s mysterious motives may be foolish; not accepting his temporary protection would be deadly.

Caught in the middle of the impending war, Phineas and Roark forge a dangerous alliance. And as the walls between them crumble, Phineas realizes that Roark isn’t the monster he’d imagined. But their growing intimacy threatens to expose a secret that could either turn the tide of the war…or destroy them both.

Carina Press 

FB for M.A. Grant

M.A. Grant website


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The Sheriff’s Little Matchmaker

This new release by Carrie Nichols is an adorable story and quick, fun read. Check it out!

When teacher Sasha Honeycutt kisses a handsome cowboy in a bar on a dare, she never expects to see him again. To her surprise, though, he walks through the door of her classroom for a parent-teacher conference. Sheriff Remy Fontenot might be sexy as sin, but Sasha has no interest in falling for another police officer. Rose Creek, Texas is her fresh start after being “that poor widow.” Only, Remy’s precocious daughter has big plans for the two of them…

After their stolen kiss, Remy knows there’s a sexy woman hiding under that school marm charm. When fate—aka his seven-year-old—keeps putting her in his path, he decides to take it as a sign. His daughter needs a mom, and the intriguing, beautiful Sasha is perfect for the role. Not to mention their chemistry is off the charts. Unfortunately, he’s set his sights on the one woman in town who has no interest in falling for another man with a badge.


Carol cover


“I’ve got money riding on this, so you better make it good,” Sasha Honeycutt boldly cautioned the man in the black cowboy boots. He wore dark jeans with a classic white oxford shirt and black sport coat, but those boots coupled with the silver star belt buckle gave her goose bumps. Good Lord, he was even more gorgeous up close than he’d been from across the crowded French Quarter piano bar.

“Don’t you worry, cher, I’ll take good care of you.” The stranger leaned closer, his obsidian eyes glittering as one corner of his generous mouth lifted.

Damn. Why hadn’t someone warned her those fruity, rum-filled hurricanes were lethal? As in, betting she could get a stranger to kiss her lethal. Her friends had teased that even on a wild weekend in a city known for debauchery, she was unable to cut loose. Emboldened by alcohol, she’d set about proving she wasn’t a prude.

Even in her ridiculously high heels, Sasha had to stand on her tiptoes. The man was a freaking giant. She grabbed onto his upper arms to steady herself. Thoughts of bulging biceps and hot skin swirled through the fog in her brain.

His arms encircled her and calluses brushed her bare skin. She shivered, unsure if she should rejoice or curse her open-backed dress. He groaned deep in his throat and those rough fingers tightened their hold, crushing her against his hard chest. Rejoice the dress!

Slowly, as if he enjoyed the anticipation, his mouth descended to meet hers.

A tilt of his head and her brain stopped functioning as his lips explored and devoured hers. Warmth gathered in places that had been cold for way too long. When she made a soft mewling sound in her throat, he licked the corner of her mouth. Her fingertips dug into the muscles on his arms while his tongue ran circles around her lips until they tingled. She parted them, his tongue slid along hers, and just like that, he took charge of what had started as her big experiment. Her whole world focused on the sweet agony that was his mouth. Growing bolder, she scraped her tongue against the edges of his teeth and entered, sending shivers down to her toes. He tasted like fine whiskey and expensive cigars.

A discreet cough crashed her back to the world of the piano bar. The clinking of ice dropping into empty glasses, the strains of a Billy Joel tune on the piano, the mutter of voices and occasional bursts of laughter assaulted her.



Amazon: https://amzn.to/2yepgtm

B&N: http://bit.ly/2y5PLC7

iBooks: https://apple.co/2yfHfzO 

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2BZLvab

Goodreads – http://bit.ly/2C19gyJ


Social Media:

Website: http://carrienichols.com/

Twitter: @carolopal

Instagram: authorcarrienichols

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorCarrieNichols/



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A Price To Be Paid – Alice J. Miller

Check out this new book by Alice J. Miller.  I personally read it and loved it!

Kyle Lawson needs a wife, and he needs one now. With his ailing business on the line the only women who can rescue him is the step-daughter of the man who put him in this precarious position in the first place. Can he trust her to come through for him, and save his business?

When given the chance to marry the man of her dreams, while atoning for the sins of her family, Molly Wilson doesn’t hesitate. Propelled into a bogus marriage, she vows to make up for the mistakes of the past, even if it means breaking her own heart.

Can Kyle and Molly put aside their differences and united, fight for a better future? When their plan is threatened by a secret from Kyle’s past, will it ruin the deal and destroy any hope of a life together?  Amidst the searing heat of Florida, will Molly and Kyle resist their inner desires? Or, despite their troubled past, can love, forgiveness and redemption find a way to shape their future?



The whiskey swirled around inside him, firing up his blood and egging him on. “I find you cavorting with a man I’ve never met, and I wonder if I should query if you’re both working together on an angle. Remember, you’re Dennis’s stepdaughter, and bound to have picked up a few of his ideas about tricking your way through life.”

Her gasp told him he’d crossed a line, not that he needed telling, but the whiskey brought out his resentment at another man holding her tight, and not him. “And as you brought it up, I suppose your guilt and reliance on me to keep your rent up-to-date and you well looked after, does theoretically make you bought and paid for. You should be grateful I chose not to include meeting my ‘needs’ in our agreement. The way I’m sure you met Andrew’s while you dated him.”

Her blue eyes flashed angry, branding him with a fiercer heat than he’d seen before, and then abruptly cooled. With a small shake of her head, she made for the door.

He crossed the room in three large strides and caught her arm, spinning her ‘round to face him. She didn’t falter but met him head on. Standing so close, her presence ignited his senses the way she always did, infusing his blood with a special madness, annihilating his resistance with the ease of a conquering army. How simple it would be to pull her closer, and crush her lips against his. Kiss her until, breathless, she called his name, and her cool eyes turned into molten pools of longing.

“Molly, despite what you believe, I am sorry I left you alone tonight. You deserve better,” he murmured, her soft breasts pressing against his chest, stirring his body and fueling his need.

“Yes,” she said, her voice soft. “I do.”

Their gazes remained locked and her rebellious eyes warmed. Transfixed, his mind reeled. Was this an invitation to her bed, something he wanted very much? Unable to let down his guard and respond, he remained silent and still, paralyzed to do anything but return her stare. Her bright, eager gaze searched his face, and then dulled.

“The truth is, Andrew came here tonight to ask me not to marry you and return to him.” She yanked her arm free and headed to the door. “Just so you can stop wondering, I didn’t sleep with him, but he made it crystal clear he was eager to have me in his bed.” With a defiant air, she stepped into the hallway and slammed the door behind her.

Every voice in his head told him to chase after her, to take it further, but that would mean admitting he wanted her.

He did, but it would only confirmed how need made him vulnerable, and he’d never let a woman make him that weak again.


Alice J. Miller

   Amazon UK

   Amazon US

   Barnes & Noble

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HUNTING JOHN DOE by Heather Hiestand

Check out this new release by Heather Hiestand


Once a royal prince, the man known as John Doe now lives the low life as an intergalactic bounty hunter. Avoiding the revolutionaries who need him as their figurehead, he’s chasing his latest contract, beautiful Gaia Marlowe, wanted for the death of her husband.

Long ago, Gaia had supported herself in exotic BDSM clubs. Her path out of that lifestyle only led her to the darker pleasures of the upper class. With two husbands dead, it’s time to take charge of her life as an underground mistress.

John needs to capture Gaia, but she can’t afford to let that happen. If only their connection wasn’t so magnetic. Two people are running for their lives…and a chemistry that cannot be denied.

Disclaimer: Expect sexy adult situations and practices.



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At First Blush by Marianne Rice


Alexis Le Blanc enjoys her simple life in Crystal Cove, Maine. After taking a chance on romance and getting rejected, she has given up on love. Now she devotes all her time to running her family’s winery, Coastal Vines. She wants to keep it small and traditional, but her parents have other ideas—hence why they hire some big-shot marketing executive from Napa Valley to rev up business.

When Benito Martelli shows up in her family’s tasting room, she’s more than stunned to discover he’s the man who wined and dined her the night before. Alexis is beyond peeved at his deception in trying to get into her good graces for the sake of making money on her winery. At first, she wants nothing to do with him or his big business ideas, but she’s pleasantly surprised when they come to a compromise, and even more surprised when she gives in to the sparks between them.

Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as planned and Alexis is faced with complications she never could have predicted. Promises and secrets unravel, and she must decide if love and wine are as well paired as she hoped.





Amazon: http://smarturl.it/s58mzq

iBooks: http://smarturl.it/zeb6r0

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/at-first-blush-3



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mariannericeauthor/

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Marianne-Rice/e/B00SICUIRM

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mariannericeauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariannericeaut

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/MarianneRice

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/mariannericeaut

Bookbu: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/marianne-rice

Book + Main: https://bookandmainbites.com/search?q=Marianne%20Rice

Website: http://www.mariannerice.com


MRice Pic


Marianne Rice writes contemporary romantic fiction set in small New England towns. She loves high heels, reading romance, scarfing down dark chocolate, gulping wine, and Chris Hemsworth. Oh, and her husband and three children. You can follow her all over social media, and keep up to tabs with her latest releases on her website: www.mariannerice.com

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A Crazy Kind of Love – Mary Ann Marlowe


Release Date November 28, 2017

In this irresistible new novel by Mary Ann Marlowe, one woman’s up-close and sexy encounter with a tabloid sensation reveals the dizzying—and delicious—dilemma of dating in the spotlight . . .

Celebrities hold zero interest for photographer Jo Wilder. That’s a problem, since snapping pics of the stars is how the pretty paparazza pays the rent. So when Jo attempts to catch a money shot atop the broad shoulders of a helpful bystander, the only thing she notices about the stranger she straddles is that he’s seriously hot. Only later does Jo learn that he’s also Micah Sinclair—one of rock’s notorious bad boys…

Soon Jo is on the verge of getting fired for missing a Micah Sinclair exclusive. Until she’s suddenly being pursued by the heartthrob himself. But how can she be sure the musician’s mind-blowing kisses are the real deal? Her colleagues claim he’s a media whore, gambling on some free PR. But something has Jo hoping Micah’s feeling the same powerful pull that she does. A pull so strong, she can’t resist becoming his latest love, even if it means she might become the media’s latest victim . . .

“The perfect romantic comedy.” —RT Book Reviews

“Another sizzling, glitterati-filled story.” Booklist Online

“If you like wonderfully written, light, fast paced, swoon worthy moments, and chemistry so strong it jumps off the page, then this is the book for you.” Wit & Wonder Books


Available November 28, 2017 from Kensington. Pre-Order at all digital retailers:

Amazon | BN | Kobo | Google Play | Goodreads | BAM! | Audible

a Rafflecopter giveaway





Mary Ann lives in central Virginia where she works as a computer programmer/DBA. She spent ten years as a university-level French professor, and her resume includes stints as an au pair in Calais, a hotel intern in Paris, a German tutor, a college radio disc jockey, and a webmaster for several online musician fandoms. She has lived in twelve states and three countries and loves to travel.

Connect with Mary Ann

Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Website | Newsletter Signup


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Guarding Erin by Nicole Flockton


I just finished reading this book and loved it!  I think it might have moved to my top Nicole Flockton book.  I love military men and this has plenty.  Not just the dashing Carlos, the hero, but his whole SEAL team. This had a little more suspense and action than Flockton typically puts in her books but that’s kind of my jam, so I devoured it. Throw in the mob and some spicy chemistry and you’ve got yourself a winner.


Buy Link:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2AfPCuq


When Carlos “Italy” Porcelli helped a former SEAL brother, he never expected to come face to face with his high school sweetheart, Erin Furlan. The second he finds out her life is in danger from her former mob boyfriend, he will do everything in his power to protect her and keep her safe. Guarding his heart from remembering the past and wishing for a future will take all his steely SEAL resolve.

Erin Furlan believed her life was back on track after her mob boyfriend got arrested when the family he worked for got taken down. How wrong she was. Now he’s back and wanting retribution. What she never expected was Navy SEAL and former sweetheart, Carlos Porcelli, to swoop in and save her. As she tries to break away from her ex’s hold, she’s drawn closer to Carlos. Erin’s not sure her heart can take another beating, as she’s certain Carlos is going to walk away from her again.

Being in close confines, their past filters into their present and when Erin is kidnapped, Carlos will do anything to save the woman he’s falling for. He only hopes he reaches her in time.





Exhaustion bit at her heels. It had been a shit of a day. A computer software problem had all their reservations jumbled up tighter than a pair of stockings in a washing machine. The last thing she wanted to do was go to dinner, but she really needed a girl’s night.

She turned the light off and closed her office door. At the end of each day a sense of pride filled her with all she’d accomplished in the past four years. Hard work and determination had gotten her to the position of General Manager quicker than she ever imagined possible.

Before she left, she stopped at the registration desk. “If any issues crop up overnight, call me. No matter what the time.”

The clerk smiled. “Certainly, Erin. Hopefully, I won’t have to. Have a good night.”

“Thanks.” Secretly, Erin prayed her phone wouldn’t ring. After dinner she planned to go home and fall into bed. Between the stress of Bryan turning up in her life again, and today’s work drama, a solid eight hours of sleep sounded like an unreachable dream.

She skipped down the stairs, glad to be outside and absorbed everything that made New York, New York. The sounds of taxi drivers sitting on their horns, the aroma coming from the hotdog stand on the corner, the flow of people streaming out of the subway stations.

“Hello, Erin.”

Shocked at hearing Carlos’s voice, her foot slipped and she missed the bottom step. Instead of finding herself kissing the sidewalk, warm, strong arms closed around her. Without thinking, she laid her head on Carlos’s chest. She breathed deeply and the aroma of hotdogs was replaced with a tangy citrus smell that was intoxicating. She inhaled again.

He chuckled. “Did you just smell me?”

Erin came to her senses and pulled away from him. Surprise made way for embarrassment. “What are you doing here?”

If she thought her terseness would put him off, she was living in a fantasy world. Instead of putting distance between them, he grabbed her hand again.

“I got your text message and I was worried.”

“What text message?” Confusion colored her thoughts. She knew she’d sent him a text last night, but she hadn’t asked him to travel up to New York to see her. She expected him to call.

His hand went to his pocket and pulled out the phone, all the while he maintained his hold on her. Her skin sizzled from the connection, drawing her back to the first time they’d kissed when they’d been sixteen. At the time, she’d thought her reaction to his touches and kisses had been because he was her first boyfriend. A crush that had turned into juvenile love. Now she had to wonder.

After the first couple of dates with Bryan, her body had never flared to life like hers was doing right now. They were only holding hands for goodness sake.

“This message.” A phone was shoved under her nose.

“I didn’t send …” She re-read the message and then it hit her. This was the message she’d started to send to him while on the subway and then she’d had second thoughts. “I, um, I didn’t mean to send it to you.”

“Right. Who were you sending it to.”

She could fabricate that she was sending it to a friend. Somehow she didn’t think he would buy it. “You.”


“Well you didn’t respond to my message last night and then I didn’t know what to say.”

Everything she’d told him was the truth. The only problem was she still didn’t know what to say to him. For a brief second on the train she’d wanted to ask him for his help with Bryan. She’d helped him, he could help her. But could she ask that of him though?

“I was out last night, and didn’t see your message until I checked my phone this morning.”

“Uh huh. Well,” she looked at their connected hands and then at the crowd bustling around them. “I’ve got plans, so I’d better get going. Good seeing you, Carlos.”

She went to pull her hand out of his grip, but he tightened his hold on her.

“What’s going on, E? And don’t tell me nothing. I know you. I can see the tension in you.”

Anger rippled through her and she yanked her hand out of his grip. “You don’t know me at all now. You were the one who walked away from me. From us. And yes, I’m tense. After the shit day I had, you’d be tense as well. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got places to be. Real friends to catch up with. Goodbye, Carlos.”


Buy Link:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2AfPCuq

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36548736-special-forces

Author Bio:

Nicole Author photo 2017

Bestselling author Nicole Flockton writes sexy contemporary romances, seducing you one kiss at a time as you turn the pages. Nicole likes nothing better than taking characters and creating unique situations where they fight to find their true love.

On her first school report her teacher noted “Nicole likes to tell her own stories”. It wasn’t until after the birth of her first child and after having fun on a romance community forum that she finally decided to take the plunge and write a book.

Apart from writing Nicole is busy looking after her very own hero – her wonderfully supportive husband, and two fabulous kids. She also enjoys watching sports and, of course, reading.


Social Media:

Website: www.nicoleflockton.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicoleFlockton

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NicoleFlockton?ref=hl.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6479388.Nicole_Flockton

Newsletter: http://nicoleflockton.us3.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=027e33e71494440b9403da0d1&id=215ef7fa1b

More from the Author:

Amazon: https://goo.gl/Xuv9tW

Amazon CA: https://goo.gl/aNEU9H

Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/RpD83L

Amazon AU: https://goo.gl/4A2MKn

B&N: http://goo.gl/jvqH4A

iBooks: https://goo.gl/yL885R

Kobo: https://goo.gl/GkGMaL


Giveaway: $10 Amazon Gift Card (International)

Link: https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/40fc5f29112/

 More Than Words Promotions

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morethanwordspromotions/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MTWPromotions

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The Astonishing Thing by Sandi Ward


Welcome to my blog.

Thanks, Kari! The Kensington Books community—and romance writers in particular—have been amazing about helping me get the word out about my new novel. I appreciate it!

 What is your book about?

 The Astonishing Thing is the story of a troubled family and broken marriage, seen through the eyes of a cat named Boo. One day, the human mother of the family goes out and doesn’t return, and Boo is crushed. She’s determined to figure out what happened to her mother. She is very surprised to find out the truth.

astonishing thing

Is there romance in your novel?

 Absolutely! I love writing romantic scenes. Boo gets to see humans being romantic first-hand, because most people don’t kick their pets out of the room when they’re having a private conversation. Pets witness everything—the good and the bad. Boo knows when two people are truly devoted and in love, by their actions as well as their words.

What is your favorite love story novel?

 That’s an impossible question to answer—there are so many great books out there! One that’s stuck with me is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. It was a wonderful love story—sad, of course, but when I finished the book I felt uplifted at the same time.


In her inventive, sometimes bittersweet, ultimately uplifting debut, Sandi Ward draws readers into one extraordinary cat’s quest to make sense of her world, illuminating the limits and mysterious depths of love.

Wonderfully tender and insightful, THE ASTONISHING THING explores the intricacies of marriage and family through an unforgettable perspective at the center of it all.

“A unique and poignant tale of a family’s struggle as witnessed by someone who sees everything…a triumphant debut for Sandi Ward.”

— Helen Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Cleo



Barnes & Noble


Sandi Ward grew up in Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts. She attended Tufts University, and received her MA in Creative Writing at New York University, where she studied with E.L. Doctorow. She now lives on the Jersey Shore with her husband, teenagers, dog and a big black cat named Winnie. Sandi is a medical writer at an ad agency in New Jersey, specializing in psychiatry and pain management.

Her first novel for Kensington Books is titled THE ASTONISHING THING, and it is available October 31, 2017. Her second novel is titled SOMETHING WORTH SAVING, available November 2018.


Learn more at: www.sandiwardbooks.com





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A SHOT AT LOVE -Peggy Jaeger

Nothing’s impossible when love is on the menu. In Peggy Jaeger’s luscious series, the only thing more tempting than a delicious meal is a truly delectable romance . . .

Look for exclusive recipes in each book! 


AShotAtLove_hires (5)


 Photographer Gemma Laine is looking for arresting faces on the streets of Manhattan when her camera captures something shocking—a triple murder. In that moment, she becomes a target for the mob—and a top priority for a very determined, breathtakingly handsome, FBI special agent. With deadlines to meet and photo shoots on her calendar, Gemma chafes at the idea of protection, but every moment she spends under his watchful eye is a temptation to lose herself in his muscular arms . . .

With two of his men and one crucial witness dead, Special Agent Kyros Pappandreos can’t afford to be distracted. But Gemma is dazzling—and her connection to Kandy Laine’s high-profile cooking empire makes her an especially easy mark for some very bad people. Keeping her safe is much more pleasure than business, but as the heat between them starts to sizzle, Ky is set to investigate whether they have a shot at love…..


            Dressed in similar sweats to what he’d worn the morning before, his body bathed in gleaming sweat, Ky pummeled one of the suspended bags. His hands were wrapped with white gauze, his arms toned and taunt as he executed each strike with perfect precision and technique.

Gemma stopped on the final riser and watched him batter the bag, fists moving with swift, defined actions, the jabs fast and hard, the recoils even faster.

Shoulders raised, elbows tight, hands balled and up blocking his cheeks and jaw line, he threw a right jab, left, then two rights, all aimed high, and a final forward thrust left, lower on the bag, his knees bending to give him balance.

Gemma wanted to race back to her room, grab her camera and capture the scene before her.

Kyros Pappandreos was the epitome, the very definition of a natural born fighter. Distinctly male, uniquely the warrior, his body moved with the grace of a panther, the stealth of a tiger stalking its prey, and the accuracy of a cobra striking. There was something so sensual, so primal, so animalistic about him, she knew she had to photograph him just this way.

She’d capture him in slow motion first, his tight fist connecting with his target, the sweat of exertion flying from his forehead. Then, she’d move to rapid fire, the image blurring with the speed of his hits. A pugilist, enigmatic, tough, and hard bodied, the bulging muscles and corded sinew in his arms distended with his action, outlined and bathed in the shiny moisture pouring from him.

Ky repeated the moves in the same series of strikes three more times before dropping his hands to his thighs.

He swiped at his forehead with the back of his hand, his breathing hard, but not labored, and turned.


About Peggy Jaeger     peggyheadshot

Peggy Jaeger is a contemporary romance writer who writes about strong women, the families who support them, and the men who can’t live without them.

Family and food play huge roles in Peggy’s stories because she believes there is nothing that holds a family structure together like sharing a meal…or two…or ten. Dotted with humor and characters that are as real as they are loving, Peggy brings all topics of daily life into her stories: life, death, sibling rivalry, illness and the desire for everyone to find their own happily ever after. Growing up the only child of divorced parents she longed for sisters, brothers and a family that vowed to stick together no matter what came their way. Through her books, she has created the families she wanted as that lonely child.

A lifelong and avid romance reader and writer, she is a member of RWA and her local New Hampshire RWA Chapter.

Website/Blog: http://peggyjaeger.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/peggy_jaeger

Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00T8E5LN0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peggy-Jaeger-Author/825914814095072?ref=bookmarks

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/peggyjaeger/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13478796.Peggy_Jaeger

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mmj122687/




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