WIP Knight Undercover

Here is a little snippet from my completed Work In Progress                                                              tentatively titled “KNIGHT UNDERCOVER.





Here’s our heroine with one of the bad guys. (not the picture, the preview)

As she exited the now silent club into the chilly night air, Sonny, one of the muscle head bouncers sidled up next to her.

“You want me walk you home, baby doll?”

Meg cringed.  Not much worse than Sonny walking with her for two miles.  He’d want something out of it too.  He’d been hinting at it for a while now.

Meg pasted the fake smile back on.  “All set, Sonny.  I’m sure you have important things to do.  Thanks, anyway.”

She brushed past him, but his arm slithered around her waist.  “You could be the important thing I’m doing, baby.  And let me tell you, you’d enjoy it.  I’d have you screaming out my name, begging for more.”

Meg ripped herself out of his grip.  “No, thank you.  I’m not one of Mr. Moreno’s high priced whores so you can forget about doing anything to me.  Go find one of them, Sonny.”

“Oh, baby doll,” he called out as she scurried off.  “One of these days, Mr. Moreno’s going to put you to work serving more than drinks.  I was just offering to give you a few lessons so you’d know what to do.”

Meg flinched, walking faster, hoping that day never came.

6 Responses to WIP Knight Undercover

  1. Kristan says:


  2. Great Kari – leaves me looking for more and can only imagine the possibilities!

  3. Sara-Lee says:

    already hoping the hero beats up sonny…scumbag…
    and again you leave us wanting more…

  4. kari lemor says:

    The hero and Sonny do meet a few times … and sparks (and fists) fly. Nuff said.

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